Call for Papers, Workshops & Panels

Durham College, in collaboration with Ontario Tech University and the Technological University Dublin, is hosting the fourth Higher Education in Transformation Symposium (HEIT 2020) from May 4 to 6, 2020. The HEIT Symposium brings together researchers, practitioners, and policy-makers who are working to reinvent and reinvigorate higher education.

We encourage submissions from researchers, practitioners, policy-makers and graduate students working in the area of higher education. There are four main themes, but submissions in other areas are welcome.

We welcome papers, panels and workshops on any aspect of higher education. Our sessions and papers have clustered around nine major topic areas that focus on change in higher education and we are using these themes to organize the 2020 meetings.

  • Higher education systems and institutions
  • Teaching and learning in higher education
  • Supporting student success in higher education
  • Equity and accessibility in higher education

Workshops and presentations may address these themes either in the broad context of the higher education as a whole or in specific disciplinary or professional contexts. We welcome submissions that fall within or cut across these streams and those that address other areas being transformed within higher education.

Important Dates

Call for Abstracts & Workshops:
Abstract submissions due: 15 October 2019

Full Paper Submission:15 March 2020

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